About The Brydon Group

We provide a unique solution for small business owners looking to transition their businesses to the next generation of owner-operators.

Brydon has a committed capital fund that invests in 5-6 small business ($1 – 5 million of EBITDA) acquisitions per year. We have invested in over 70 small business acquisitions and understand what it takes to close transactions and manage small business transitions. We also partner with top mid-career leaders with extensive operating and industry expertise who step into the CEO role post-close.

Our team combines the values of service, stewardship and integrity with patient, committed capital and deal expertise. Our senior advisors include outstanding leaders from the military, like General Stanley McChrystal, and leading investors and operators in our focus industries.

Committed Capital

We are the investment committee – there is no need to raise third party equity to get a deal done.

Small Business Expertise

Our founders combine twenty years of private equity expertise, special operations leadership and CEO roles in small businesses.

CEO Operators

Our Brydon CEO-in-Residence partners are truly unique: we selected less than 2% of applicants to Brydon’s most recent cohort.

Stewardship, Mission & Values

Our founding partners served a combined 12 combat deployments in Iraq & Afghanistan with the most elite Navy SEAL team; for us, reputation is everything.



We view our small business owners as partners in a transaction and we offer fair and full valuations for the businesses they have spent their lives building.


No one wants to waste time and resources in a broad sale process that drags on and goes nowhere. We have been conducting due diligence and deal processes for over 20 years and we have deep expertise in the industries in which we acquire businesses. We run transparent due diligence processes that use our and our sellers’ time efficiently.


We have seen over and over again how proprietary information can “leak” into the market through broad sale processes. We were entrusted with our nation’s most sensitive information in the military and we take this same approach to all of our interactions with small business owners.


We understand what it means to serve and bring this ethos to owning and operating a small business. We are not a financial institution that views your business as an “asset” in a larger portfolio. Instead, this is the only business that our Brydon CEO-in-Residence is acquiring. If you are focused on your legacy and the culture of your business after you sell it, then consider selling your business to a Brydon CEO.


We understand service, selflessness and integrity and we try to approach all steps in a transaction, from the initial indication of interest to the final signing (and beyond), with the utmost of integrity and candor. We want small business owners who have sold to a Brydon-backed CEO in Residence to be our strongest references.

We focus on select mission-critical businesses and industries where we have deep expertise and where reputation matters

B2B & B2G Services

•Technical services (e.g. managed service providers)

•Services to state, local and federal government customers

•Niche services (e.g. regulatory, tax, compliance) to highly regulated industries like nuclear, aerospace & defense, utilities, healthcare & financial institutions

•Insurance brokerage and agencies


•Niche (industry-specific) vertical market software

•Public safety, education and government software

Healthcare Services

•Electronic Health Records (EHR)

•Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

•Managed Service Organizations and Providers

Training & Certifications

•Industry-specific training providers

•Certifications and continuing education providers

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